Downstage Center is committed to ensuring that young artists are able to study their craft no matter their financial background. We are working to raise funds that will give as many students as possible a chance to take the Mic.

Student Scholarship Application



About the Scholarship Application

for Acting 101 with HeatherK

Scholarship applications must be submitted electronically using the forms. The scholarship recipient(s) will not receive the funds directly, but the amount will be credited to their account with Acting 101 with HeatherK. 


Student applicants must be between the age of 7 and 18. They must be enrolled or actively be in the process of enrolling in one or more classes with Acting101 with HeatherK.


The applicant student will complete the application (note: this must be completed in one sitting, and once submitted, cannot be altered). Another, separate electronic form must be completed by the applicant student's parent, guardian, or advocate by the scholarship application deadline. Forms are linked above. Failure to submit these two applications will result in an incomplete scholarship application that will not be considered by the DCP scholarship committee. It is highly recommended that the required forms be submitted at the same time, if possible.  


The response to the questions in the form is the student’s only introduction to the scholarship committee. The applicant student will:

     1) Tell us about themself.

     2) Describe their previous training or experience in the arts (if any).

     3) Answer: Why do you want to take class(es) with Acting 101 with HeatherK?

     Optional: Provide a sample of student art or performance.


The deadlines for submissions are a week before classes or camps begin.


The student applicant and parent/guardian/advocate will receive a decision notification by email to the addresses provided in the form.

For more information, email: